enabling a new level of digitization

Chainbrain aims to transform and create new business processes to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs using advanced distributed ledger technology. The company was founded 2016 in Hannover and is a spin-off from the Institute for information systems at the Leibniz Universität Hannover.
The interdisciplinary blockchain application development team is composed of informatics, business informatics and economics with different experience levels. chainbrain helps partners to implement conceptual ideas into practice.


Advisory services in regard to the digitization of business processes with a particular focus on distributed ledger technology.

Blockchain infrastructure

Development, hosting and management of a customized blockchain infrastructure to implement in a company environment.

Decentralized Applications

Prototyping, testing and deploying of decentralized applications on top of the blockchain.


chainbrain explores the use of distributed ledger technology to build a decentralized clearing system for future markets.

Digitization of Assets

Digital mapping of products and assets as smart contracts or tokens on top of the blockchain. Development of new digital assets.

Smart Contract Engineering

Development and programming of innovative smart contracts to run on top of the blockchain.